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Greener-ontheotherside was born out of a partnership with two passionate landscape architects who believe in bringing nature closer to people.

In this landscape design studio, Zeina and Pamela focus on elevating nature, and plants, and introducing them to people through conscious interventions. 

We are strong believers in the power of public areas and gardens where people can gather to celebrate or take a pause in their busy lives.

We focus on bringing innovative ideas to public or private spaces  bringing nature and people together.. 

Greener-ontheotherside’s input aims at recreating a symbiosis between man and nature in both urban and rural contexts.

Projects ranging from private residential gardens to public spaces and urban installations were successfully completed in Lebanon, Europe and the UAE.

 In February 2017, the Karantina play garden was granted the Lebanese Architects award for Public Spaces. 


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Beirut, Lebanon       

+961 3 901 412 

London, UK

+44 74 6868 9103

Madrid, Spain

+34 650 886 313 

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