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After working together for five and a half years, Zeina Kronfol and Pamela Haydamous passionately formed Greener-ontheotherside in Summer of 2016.

Zeina (co-founder, partner and creative director) and Pamela (lead designer and landscape architect) led on several iconic projects at Green Studios such as Beirut Terraces with Herzog & De Meuron, Banque du Liban roof Garden and the Dubai Municipality Facade. 

They also co-created the concept of mutated landscapes, and designed for green studios green art installations that were showcased at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris (with MiliaM), Design Days in Dubai and Beirut Design Week. 

Set on a different path, Zeina and Pam continued working on the Karantina play garden, a project they have solely designed (while at green studios) and supervised its execution along with USJ and Beirut Municipality.

 In February 2017, the Karantina play garden was granted the Lebanese Architects award for Public Spaces. 

Greener-ontheotherside is their new co-founded practice in which they focus on elevating nature and reconciling it with people through conscious interventions.

Greener-ontheotherside’s input aims at recreating a symbiosis between man and nature in both urban and rural contexts.

Projects ranging from private residential gardens to public spaces and landscape installations were successfully executed in Lebanon and the UAE.